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I have been fortunate to tour with these amazing artist. Enjoy the music and videos.

Hidden Orchestra (UK)

Black Lips (USA)

Floex (CZ)

Against the wall (USA)

Liars (USA)

Poppy Ackroyd (UK)

John Lemke (GER)

Khoiba (CZ)

Cartonnage (CZ)

Clou (CZ)

Luno (CZ)

Škwor (CZ)

Le Pneumatiq (CZ)

Republic of two (CZ)

The Prostitutes (CZ/UK)


Ghostmother (CZ)

Calm Season (CZ)


Post-it (CZ)


Piano (CZ)


Never Sol (CZ)


Holden Caulfield (CZ)


Noisy Pots



Selective mute (CZ)


Peter Aristone (SK)

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