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Leoš Mareš in Forum Karlín

27th and 28th of April. Forum Karlín , Prague, Czech republic

I was the main sound engineer and mixing FOH for Czech pop star Leoš Mareš in Forum Karlín.

These two concerts were sold out just in three days.

I specified L'Acoustics K2 system with KS28subs in cardioid subarray configuration.

We were also using one L'acoustics Kara FX cluster at rear of venue.

Front of house sound of 64 channels of string orchestra, band and singers were mixed trough Yamaha CL5.

Sound Equipment was provided by Highlite touring.

Stage design: Martin Hruška

Light design: Lukáš Patzenhauer

Production: Cyril Hořánek

Video Content: Deja VJ , Matyáš Vorda

Music Director: Daniel Hádl

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